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Our practice is devoted exclusively to intellectual property law, and has been since our formation more than 96 years ago.

Our practice areas include patents, trademarks, copyrights, advertising, Internet, domain name and computer law, advertising and related licensing and litigation.

Please consider the Lackenbach Advantage, our unique business model for providing efficient, high quality legal services at reasonable rates.

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As of February 15, 2020 the US Trademark Office will require all US trademark applicants and registrants to include an “owner e-mail address” as part of the prosecution record for every trademark.  This e-mail address must be one that is regularly reviewed by and accessible by the owner.  This can be a “dedicated” e-mail address for US Trademark Office correspondence, but it must be reviewable and accessible by the trademark owner. From February 15, 2020 onward, if we do not have a valid, working owner e-mail address for trademark applicants and registrants the Trademark Office will prevent us from using its mandatory electronic filing system for an application prosecution filing or registration maintenance or renewal submission without that e-mail address.  Please provide us with an owner e-mail address that meets these requirements as soon as possible.  This is especially important for applications and registrations that have imminent deadlines for submissions. Direct your questions about this mandatory requirement to Nancy Chapman (NChapman@LSLLP.com) and/or Howard Aronson (HAronson@LSLLP.com) at Lackenbach Siegel.

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